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Affiliation With ESSCI(Electronics Sector)

Sanskar Education Hub is blessfully Affiliated as TP(Traning Partner) for Various Skill Programs related, as it has trainned may trainees in relevant domain.

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Association with TSSCI(Telecom Sector)

Sanskar Education Hub is proudly Associated as Trainin Partner for many residential & STT Programs.

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Affiliation with LSSSCI(Life-Science Sector)

Sanskar Education Hub is also associted with LSSSCI and currently running skill program in the sector.

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Provisional Certificate From RSDC(Rubber Sector)

Sanskar Education Hub is also asoocited with industries in rubber sector & now associated with RSDC to fullfil target in this Sector.

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5 Years of Fulfilling Dreams

Our skill programs are largerly supported in public domain due to changing Education System. Many Council members and donors are passionate about the mission.

About Us
  • Our very first PMKVY Batch

    Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojna was initiated at our Hub in IT & ITes Sector.

    Jaipur, RAJ(302012) INDIA

SPECIAL Batch in BSF campus (MEN-FRIDAY Program)

Although SANSKAR EDUCATION HUB has completed many skill programs, but this was one of those programs which we PROUD of.

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  • Skill Batch intiatation Event

    The batch was initited in association with DWSSC to educate the candidates, which wants to fulfil their ambitions.

    BSF Karanpur, Shri-Ganganagar, RAJ(30####) INDIA


This time the Educational Hub attained the focus from every eye in Domain, it was the affiliation & association with many SSCs.

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  • Association & Affiliation Programs

    Associations & Affiliations took place between SANSKAR EDUCATION HUB & many Sector Skill Councils.

    Jaipur, RAJ(302012) INDIA

What Students Say

Don't take our word for it, see what our awesome students say it after their success.

" I was aware of ALP as a subject since long, however, never found an appropriate place/coach to get educated. This is where Sanskar Education Hub proved to be a turning point. Not only was the methodology adopted for the coaching adequately, but the attention given by the teachers were effective. In totality, I got the right mix of subject matter and personal attention. As a result, I could reap the benefits of ALP and acquire them to improve myself and my ways of working. I would recommend SANSKAR for all those who would like to take their thinking process to an aware and matured level." -DEEPAK MEENA (RAILWAY ALP)


"Comprehensive, up-to-date and relevant material in total. These are one of the best sources for Test Prep. No serious candidate would miss it. If you study different materials you will find that materials of Sanskar are far ahead in terms of content quality and elaboration. Material is prepared by experience candidates who have been actual test takes and have qualified Tests multiple times. So the content is not only authentic but refined also. It fulfills the actual and instant need of any candidate as per the latest pattern, syllabi, and structure of the examination. It comprises test papers, mock papers, actual sobbed papers, and suggestive readings also." -RAKESH KUMAWAT (JVVNL)

Vidhyut Vibhag

“I will highly recommend aspirants to get coaching from Sanskar Education Hub or attend their coaching program, as I found their coaching awesome and life-changing. From now on SEH will be a continuous learning process for me.” - Deepak Yadav (Jail-Prahari)

Deepak Yadav
Raj.Police Jail Department

“Thank you for the ALP training program! I felt that the training provided by Sanskar Education Hub is a must have for every professional. The trainer looked at every problem in a different perspective and provided a positive outlook out of that. The teachers were professional and dedicated.” -VIRENDRA SINGH (Delhi Metro)

Delhi Metro Rail Corporation

" I am grateful from the depth of my heart to make my concept crystal clear which would be helpful throughout my career. It was only possible due to the extravagant & extraordinary support of well professional teachers." -Rakesh Kasotia ( AVVNL )

Rakesh Kasotia
Vidhyut Vibhag

"Since the last 3 years, SANSKAR EDUCATION HUB has gifted the veterans to all the fields of our society. I am fortunate to be a part of this great institute and I promise to enlighten the society with the flame of knowledge passed down to me from this auspicious place. ” - Vinod( Raj. Police )


"Sanskar institute is the blend of all these. The courses, expert lectures, visits, and other co-curricular activities manifold our knowledge in technical as well in other necessary life long activities. The congenial environment here has given me numerous opportunities to participate in extracurricular activities and groom my personality."-PARVAT SINGH (RPF)

Defence & RPF Service(Current)

"I am very thankful to Director SIR because the continuous motivation given by SIR has helped me. There are two basic things to get success. One is to have perfect planning and second is an exact execution. If you are studying at SANSKAR EDUCATION HUB, you are just required to execute and follow whatever plans made by SEH... ”-PRADEEP ( Raj. Police )


"My sincere thanks to all the Faculty members, mentors and everyone in SANSKAR family for their support and altruism. They have played a very crucial role shaping me & proved me right, in selecting SANSKAR over other coachings. ”-AJAY YADAV ( Raj. Police )


" I am delighted to write this testimonial for SANSKAR EDUCATION HUB. I was having some issues in general awareness, and I approached SANSKAR EDUCATION HUB for a coaching session. The power teacher was very procedural and helped me in exploring my limiting beliefs, which were holding me back from going all out and do well in the competition. The teachers worked with me on my belief system, and helped me in re-patterning my thought process and set positive beliefs to achieve more success." -RAHUL CHOUDHARY (Airforce Group-Y)

AirForce & CDS

“Sanskar Education Hub’s ALP coaching program made me realize that I had the potential to achieve what I aspire for because the POWERHOUSE was within me. The coaching gave me optimism, focus, and determination. The teachers made the concepts very easy with practical scenarios. Attend this program to see life from a different and more positive view.” -ANIL MEENA (Railways ALP)


" Coaching provided by Sanskar education Hub gave me fresh perspectives to all things in life. The success of any coaching lies with the Teachers, and Sanskar Education Hub’s coach was very good.The Teachers were very knowledgeable was able to help me retain my focus throughout the session, and help me reinforce my goals. If you are looking for a successful coaching session to make a difference to your personal and professional life, I will highly recommend Sanskar Education Hub " -MAHENDRA KISAN (SSC-GD)


"Sanskar Education Hub is the place where seniors and juniors work hand in hand bringing laurels for their institute by winning in national level competitions. The institute environment provides us a platform where we can develop ourselves uniquely and prove to be an expert in a highly competitive world." -BASANT (Indian Army)


"Thanks a lot to ‘Sanskar Education Hub’. SEH is totally an innovative and resourceful initiative to bridge the gap between educational institutions and the real world. All the guidance students require to excel in their respective fields and to develop their interest in entirely new facets of life, Sanskar is the right place for them. " -SHAHRUKH KHAN ( Raj. Police )

Raj.Police Constable

"Excellent!!! Sanskar is the best among all the offerings I have gone through. The tests are very relevant and have very good solutions and analysis. The excellent study material for preparations." -MAHESH KULDEEP (AVVNL)

Vidhyut Vibhag

What set us Sanskarian apart is that we also possess the more abstract skill sets like communication, teamwork and leadership skills that are an absolute necessity for success. At SANSKAR EDUCATION HUB we are given a choice of a wide variety of extracurricular activities from organizing national level symposiums to sports to social work. -RAJESH CHOUDHARY (SSC-GD)

Defence Services
  • 92%

    This is our average rate of passing in most of Skill & Govt prep Batches.

  • 18
    No. of People in Staff

    We are one of leading institutions, so people will to get to here.

  • 5K
    Students Enrolled

    We have crossed around 5 Thousand students in our skill Courses.

  • 5
    Years of experience

    From March 16, it have been 5 years since we are making lives...

Our History

  • Grand Opening with a Vision to deliver ellaborate actual Form of Education.
  • Started great batches for Govt. Job Preperation in State & Center Domain(Raj. Police, Del. Police, SSC, Railways etc).
  • New schemes added to make EDUCATION & PREP easy.(1st Phase Launched for Skill Programs)
  • Initiated Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojna Scheme as a TC(Training Center) at Jhotwara Center.
  • 1st Successful Job Placement organised for skilled trainees in IT & ITes domain.
  • Started 2nd Phase for Skill programs in Short-term Programs with new target.
  • Three Days programs like RPL(Recognintion Prior Learning) program initiation in association with ESSCI(Electronics Sector Skill Council of India).
  • Residential(Skill) programs were initiated, like- SPECIAL Batch in BSF campus (MEN-FRIDAY Program)
  • RPL(Recognintion Prior Learning) program initiation in association with DWSSC(Domestic Workers Sector Skill Council).
  • Short-Term Training(STT) program in Telecom sector with NULM(National Urban Livelihood Mission) at Jobner(Jaipur) center.
  • Completed new target in RPL program (ESSCI) throughout state(Rajasthan) at 7 centers.
  • Charity work in association with SJKS NGO in pandemic. As we faced the pandemic, but we really appreciate the NGO’s charity work in this critical situation. We donate 5% of our every project’s profit to “SANSKAR JAN KALYAN SANSTHAN”, so that a needy person can get a meal at a time.
  • Initiated STT program in association with IPSC(Indian Plumbing Sector Council) for After Sales Services & Plumbing General Services.
  • STT(Residential) program in Telecom sector with NULM at Jaipur center.
  • Initiated skill programs in association with RSLDC in Yoga & Naturopathy program.
  • Looking Forward & Moving Ahead with a VISION....

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  • 209
    of our TRAINEES have got a prestigious job.
  • 45%
    students have established successful BUSINESS.
  • 35%
    have already earned their milestones in their WORK.

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